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Autism Services

Getting a Childhood Budget/Interim One-Time Funding

Already Registered with the Ontario Autism Program

Families do not have to register for the Ontario Autism Program again if your child was already registered (e.g., if you registered with the single-point of access through Kinark Child and Family Services prior to April 1, 2019).

If you are unsure whether or not you were on the OAP waitlist, you can contact Kinark’s single-point of access at: 1-888-454-6275.

Families on the OAP waitlist will receive a letter from the Ministry of Children and Community Services with directions on how to apply for a Childhood Budget/Interim One-Time Funding.  It is very important that the single-point of access has your current mailing address.  If you have moved at any point since registering with the OAP, please confirm that your current address is on file by contacting Kinark at: 1-888-454-6275.  Please let us know if we can assist you in updating your mailing address.  Once you have received your personalized letter from the Ministry with your unique reference number, you can apply for the Childhood Budget/Interim One-Time Funding online or if you would prefer to complete and submit a paper application, please email or call 1-888-444-4530. online.  You must respond to the letter within 90 days.

The Ministry notes that eligible families, who have not yet received a Childhood Budget will receive their letter/Interim One-Time Funding Amounts between January and March 2020 and that the application process, eligible expenses and reconciliation requirements for Interim One-Time Funding will be the same as for Childhood Budgets.

Currently Receiving Behavioural Services

Children who currently have a behaviour plan will continue to receive services outlined in the plan until its end. Children who are currently receiving behavioral services are not eligible for Interim One-time Funding. At the end of their current behavior plan, their plan can be extended with no gap in service up to their current level of intensity, or less where clinically appropriate, until families’ transition into core services in the new needs-based autism program.

Currently Receiving Services through using Childhood Budget Funds

If you have a childhood budget, you may be eligible to receive interim one-time funding once your current agreement expires and if you have not transitioned into core services in the new needs-based autism program.

Childhood Budget Invitation has Expired

If your invitation to apply for a Childhood Budget has expired, you should contact the ministry’s Central Intake and Registration Team to access your funding by emailing or calling 1-888-444-4530.

Not Registered with the Ontario Autism Program

If you have not previously registered for the Ontario Autism Program, you can contact the Ministry’s Central Intake and Registration Team at 1-888-444-4530.  Once your registration is complete, the Ministry notes that you will receive a letter from the Ministry when it is time to apply for Childhood Budget/Interim One-Time Funding.

Receiving/Directing Childhood Budgets to a Service Provider

After receiving the personalized letter and reference number, families have options on how to receive their Childhood Budgets.  Families can choose to: (a) receive the full funding amount directly, (b) receive a portion of the funds directly, and direct the Ministry to issue the remaining portion to one or more service providers (up to a maximum of three), or (c) direct the Ministry to issue the full funding amount to one or more service providers (up to a maximum of three).  You will be required to provide contact information on the registration form for any service providers you choose to have your funds issued to.

If you would like to identify Tri-County Community Support Services as a service provider on your registration form, our contact information is:

Tri-County Community Support Services

349A George Street North, Suite 303

Peterborough, Ontario K9H 3P9

Letter Confirming Receipt of Childhood Budget Funds/Interim One-Time Funding

The Ministry will send families a letter when their childhood budget funds have been issued.

If the funds were issued directly to the family, the Ministry will also send a cheque directly to the family.

If you have chosen to issue some or all of your childhood budget funds to Tri-County Community Support Services, please contact us when you receive your letter from the Ministry to set up your FREE Introductory Service Meeting.

Reconciliation of Childhood Budget Funds/Interim One-Time Funding

Families will be required to account for the use of Childhood Budget funds/Interim One-Time Funding by submitting documentation and proof of payment to the Ministry for reconciliation. When completing the reconciliation process, families will be required to complete and submit an OAP Childhood Budget/Interim One-Time Funding Expense Form by following the step-by-step instructions included on the form, no less than 30 days prior to the one-year anniversary of your funding agreement. Reconciliation of Childhood Budget Funds/Interim One-Time Funding is required to maintain your eligibility for the new needs-based OAP.

Families who purchase services from TCCSS will be provided with the financial documentation necessary for reconciliation with the Ministry.

Waitlist for New Needs-Based Ontario Autism Program

If your family accepts this one-time funding, you can be assured that your child/youth’s original registration date and position on the Ontario Autism Program waitlist will be maintained for entry into the new needs-based program. Accepting funding will not impact your child/youth’s eligibility for or entry into the new needs-based program. If you do not respond to your letter inviting you to apply for this one-time funding, you will lose your opportunity for this funding. The ministry will connect with you again regarding entry into the needs-based program based on your original date of registration with the program.

Questions About and Assistance with Applying for Interim One-Time Funding

Families who have questions about or require assistance to apply can contact the Ministry’s Central Intake and Registration Team at or 1-888-444-4530. Families will be asked to provide their Ontario Autism Program Client Information Reference Number when they email or call.

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