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Autism Services

Individual Behavioural Treatment

Treatment based on the scientific principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is available to children/youth and their families who require individualized supports to develop new skills and/or reduce challenging behaviours.  Available at varying intensities (1-30 hours per week) and durations (6-48 weeks) depending on your family’s situation and needs, this treatment can assist in improving social and communication skills, regulating emotions, and/or increasing independence.

Sessions can be scheduled in your home, in our clinic-based location, or in the community. 


  • Assessment* of your child’s current strengths and needs related to the goal(s) you have identified
  • Individualized Behaviour Support Plan and programs
  • Qualified Behavioural Clinicians to work with you and your child
  • Parent/Caregiver Training during treatment sessions** to facilitate success outside of treatment
  • Ongoing supervision of your child’s treatment by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)
  • Progress Summary Report outlining progress and recommendations for follow-up

* if child/youth has complex behaviors which are interfering with treatment an additional Functional Behavioural Assessment may be required.

**Additional Parent/Caregiver Training outside of treatment sessions can be added based on your family’s needs.

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