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Transitional Age Youth Program (TAY)


The TAY Program provides specialized transitional planning for youth funded by MCCSS in the regions of Durham, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland, and Haliburton.

Program Mandate

The TAY Program’s primary role is to prepare individuals, families and teams for transition from child to adult developmental services, philosophy, practices/funding and legislative requirements.

The TAY Program believes that:

  • Each person will maximize his/her potential in his/her home and community;
  • Each person should participate in all aspects of community life;
  • We are better when we understand each other;
  • Everyone can learn new things;
  • Everyone is different;
  • Everyone learns differently and that is okay;
  • And everyone deserves a safe place to live, work, and learn.

Program Objectives

  • The TAY Program will prepare the individuals, family, and system for transfer to MCCSS-funded supports and services.
  • The TAY Program will ensure that services and supports delivered outside of Adult Developmental Service will be appropriate and meet legislative standards.
  • The TAY Program will partner with MCCSS, community services, and developmental agencies to create service opportunities.
  • The TAY Program will profile youth issues and gaps in service through committee membership, focus groups, and training events.


Referrals can only be accepted from the following agencies:

  • Durham Children’s Aid Society
  • Highland Shores Children’s Aid Society
  • Kawartha Haliburton Children’s Aid Society
  • Catulpa Community Support Services
  • Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS)

The youth must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability as assessed by psychometric and adaptive skill assessment.