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Autism Services

Speech and Language Therapy

Offered through our partnership with Five Counties Children’s Centre, Speech and Language Therapy supports children and youth with communication (speech and language) needs.  Quality services for infants, children, youth and their families are available.

Speech and Language Therapy can help improve a child’s overall language and communication and their ability to interact with peers and family. Whether the focus for a child is on having a better understanding of what friends or family say, or improving the ability to share words and ideas, Speech and Language Therapy can help.

Based on your priorities, we can work with you and your child/youth on:

  • Speech delays including improving the accuracy of sounds and speech (clarity)
  • Language delays including increasing language comprehension or improving ability to clearly share thoughts
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication-including using picture symbols and/or technology to support communication development and success when typical speech and/or writing are challenging for the child
  • Fluency/stuttering
  • Swallowing difficulties including issues associated with eating, drinking and managing saliva
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills-including letter-sound association, word recognition, reading comprehension and writing
  • Social communication skills including conversational skills, awareness of non-verbal cues


  • An assessment of your child’s skills and needs. Assessments may include one-to-one observation of a child utilizing assessment tools or activities. The speech language pathologist will analyze and interpret results, discuss the findings and recommendations and may prepare a report
  • A brief consultation with a Speech Language Pathologist who will offer specific input and guidance to help address a child’s needs through offering information about facilitating language development, feeding strategies or activities to help with turn taking and early reading
  • Individual treatment provided by a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) or a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA). Treatment may be one-to-one or in a small group dependent on the identified goal and service plan. A child’s age and ability to focus on activities will be considered in the recommended therapy approach

Sessions can be scheduled in your home or at Five Counties Children’s Centre locations.

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